CRF Anglers Club

Cairns Reef Fishing invites you to join our locals only CRF Anglers Club and receive great discounts and have exclusive access to promotional specials.

The CRF Anglers Club is only for legitimate locals who live in the Cairns and Tableland region and is our way of connecting with our local friends to offer them a little something extra. We love all our anglers regardless of where they are from, but we also appreciate that those that live and work in the Cairns and Tableland region are our community and our neighbours.

CRF Anglers Club members have 2 options for discounted fishing trips.

An instant discount of $20 per member on our day share charters and $200 per booking on a private charter.


Ask for a loyalty card, pay the full price and then get your 5th trip absolutely free!

It’s simple, just fill in the questions at the bottom of the page. We do ask for your Post code/suburb to confirm you are a local because not just anyone can be a CRF Angler Club Member!

We will respect your privacy and will not use your details for anything other than Cairns Reef Fishing related business and promotional offers. You can withdraw your membership at any time.

Please make note, for any discounts or loyalty card stamps you must sign up to the program first,as we are unable to apply discounts to packages already booked.

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